Monday, December 10, 2012

Project #4 - Shhh, it's a secret!

I am so excited about this project!  I have been looking for a kid size bag for a few weeks and I finally found one.  It is a Simplicity “It’s So Easy” pattern, number A1825.  I don’t think this pattern was marketed very well - when I first saw the envelope, I thought the pattern was for the really cool flower/plant on the front!

I was very disappointed to find out it wasn’t.  Just as I was putting it back, I realized the girl was holding a bag that matched the dress.

This looks just like what I need for my granddaughter, Layla.  She is really interested in sewing, unlike her mother, and wants me to teach her.  The other day I took her to Hancock Fabrics with me- she loves the place!  She saw some material she really liked-

Layla loves pink and purple and this butterfly/heart material was right up her alley – it’s a much brighter pink in person.  I told her I would buy a yard of it and do something for her with it.  As long as I work on it while she is in school, I should be able to keep it a secret for Christmas.

The bag is just a really simple hobo bag, and not lined, but I think if I put a lining in it, it will be just right, especially since the butterfly material is kind of thin.  It looks pretty easy, but then, the envelope says IT’S SO EASY, right?

Before I can get started, I have to clean up the mess from the Alexis Bag.  I have two waste baskets by the sewing machine, but only about half of what I toss makes into one-

Okay, less than half.  But to be fair, when you drop a thread or piece of fabric or tissue, they do not exactly always float in the intended direction.  In fact, this is frequently how they fall-

I can’t be bothered to pick it up along or the way or I ruin my concentration – an artist cannot be bothered with such things!  J And the blue mouse is not mine- my constant companions bring them in all the time.

So once the mess is all cleaned up, I will find a lining fabric and some sort of contrasting fabric for the ruffle and strap.  I hope she will like it!

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