Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thinking about my next project...

Well, I spent all day switching this blog from Posterous to Blogger.  Posterous was just so lacking in features.  

I finally decided that the embellishments for the Hippie Bag will be love beads.  I am collecting up the beads now and will have pictures by the weekend, maybe sooner.

The bag was so much fun to make, I am looking through all my other bag patterns to see if that is what I want to do next.  Another option is some pajama pants - its getting cold and I could sure use some new ones- my girls (Lhasa and Sheme) are warm, but I think I would need about 8 cats in the bed to stay warm enough!

Another option is teaching my granddaughter, Layla, how to sew.  She desperately wants to learn how to work the sewing machine, but at age 6, I am a little hesitant to teach her.  She loves watching me do it, which I could never get her mother interested in, so I will be very happy to teach her.

Decisions, decisions!  I will know tomorrow!

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