Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My first time with D rings!

Last night’s search did not uncover 2” D rings, so this morning Harry and I made a trip to Hancock Fabrics.  I’m glad we went – if I had the rings in the right size, they probably would have been silver, and I got to thinking that since the red brocade has a gold pattern in it, gold D rings would have been better.  Got ‘em and ready to go!

The tabs are not big, and I wanted them to be mostly black, so I fussy cut again out of the rooster fabric – this time getting the bigger sections of black as I did not want a decapitated rooster on there.  Here they are cut and interfaced-

I sewed the wrong sides together from the short ends, trimmed the seam allowance and turned them.  They were ironed flat with the seam in the middle of one side, and then I stitched five rows down them- I figured they were so small, I wouldn’t be lazy this time.  LOL   Folded them in half with the D ring, and basted them onto the bag body-

The top stitching looks crooked, but who’s going look at it except me?  J

Up next is the lining with the zippered pocket.  I do not like a dark lining in a purse or bag– it makes a purse a cave, am I right?  I looked at all the light stuff I have, and came across this piece of cream with a tan marbling.  The selvage reads Cranston Print Works.  It’s really hard to get a good photo of, but it goes well with the other fabrics, since they have a bit of a pebble look to them.

I am so glad this is a fabric I don’t have to try to figure out its direction!

I got the front/ back and bottom sections cut from the lining fabric, but this is where I have to stop for today.  I have to pick Layla and her friend up from school, then I am going to a friend’s house to help with her computer.    I feel like this bag is taking me so long to get together, but I know I have had several interruptions along the way!  I hope to get something done late tonight.

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