Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moving Along on Simplicity 2617

As soon as Harry went to sleep this morning, I tried to catch up on a couple of things – I made a name label for granddaughter Layla’s jacket for school, I fixed a stuffed toy that was coming apart, I pulled a bunch of stuff out of the closet that I needed and to do that required moving half of everything in the room and then putting it back, I fixed where Layla had gotten stuck on the little stamped cross stitch project I started her on, and I caught up on some emails.  Just as I was finishing the emails, I could hear Harry start singing – he only slept for an hour!  I’m happy that I got quite a bit accomplished in an hour, but boy, I sure would like some more free time!

Thankfully, GG (Great-grandma) was up for a bit of Harry time and I came back upstairs to get a bit done on the Rooster Bag.  I had decided to fussy cut the fabric for the bottom and sides, to make sure the fabric was upright from both sides.  As I was cutting it, I realized – I don’t know how to read Chinese – I have no idea if it is upright or not!  Duh!  I was literally LOL at my stupidity!

I jumped online to see if I could find this particular fabric, hopefully photographed right side up.  No luck. Then I thought to compare it to the rooster fabric – it also has Chinese writing and I know which way that one goes for sure!  Sure enough, there were a couple of symbols that kind of looked the same, so the way I cut looked right.  I sewed them together, and I just figure, if anyone ever tells me they are upside down, I will just apologize for my ignorance!

The directions called for heavy non-fusible interfacing, and I had nothing non-fusible.  I yelled down to my mom, and asked what she had, and turns out she had a special interfusing just for making bags and purses!  Yay, Mom!  After basting the interfusing on, I stitched three lines down the length of the piece- the directions call for five lines, but I didn’t want to go into overkill.  Trust me, three lines of stitching looks fine and I guess that is all I will do on the strap as well.

Next comes pinning the side/bottom to the front and back sections of the purse.  It really is important to clip as you are trying to go around a curve.

first side pinned
first side sewn

Then the other side-

second side pinned
second side sewn

Turned it right side out and voila!  Doesn’t look bad!  Again, I am surprised by the size – but I am really happy with the size of the Hippie Bag so I believe I will also really like the size of this one.


This is where I have to stop tonight, even though I would love to continue on.  The next step is to attach the tabs with the D rings to hold the strap- I bought two sizes of D rings, and they are both too small.  Going to search through some old stuff and see if I have the right size (2”), if not, I will have to make a run to Hancock Fabrics or Jo-ann’s tomorrow.

This bag does not have a zippered top, so I may try to create a tab to go over and button.  There is a zippered pocket inside, but I prefer to be able to close the top in some manner.  This would also offer a perfect opportunity for embellishment!

Back tomorrow!

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