Saturday, July 13, 2019

Random Notions - I'm branching out!

With great excitement I'm announcing - I have branched out from just pillowcases!  I put together a set of throw pillow covers and I think they look really nice~

The two larger covers measure 13.5" square that fit a 14" pillow form, and the smaller one is 10.5" square that will accommodate a 10" or 12" pillow form. I had taken that main picture prior to blinging them out - I randomly added crystals on the sun/moon/stars fabric on each one.  Here is a close up where you can kinda see a couple of them.

Everyone knows someone that loves celestial themed stuff - please forward this to THAT friend! 😋

More coming soon!

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Random Notions - 100 and Stupid

So this week, I have just felt like a rag. I do not react well to warm weather, and even though it has not been as hot here as normal for this time of year, anything over 100º drains me. I think the high here has only been around 107º this week, whereas in the past we have seen well over 110º.  Doesn't matter - anything over 100º, as a local DJ used to say, is just "100 & stupid." During these times, all I feel like doing is sitting on the air vents. Of course, that means I have to push aside a cat or dog.

Pretty much all that got done was the rest of the custom order that included the Seahawks cases I posted last week:
 Footballs/Packers (Queen 20" x 32")

Packers (Standard  20" x 28")

Paw Patrol (Travel  12" x 17")

Power Puff Girls (Travel  12" x 17")

Vegas Knights (2 Travel  12" x 17")
But I have been getting all stuff prepared for the change purses, and throw pillow covers.  I was thinking that if you have throw pillows that have been around forever and you are kind of tired of seeing them everyday, why not cover them with something new - maybe something fun? Much cheaper than buying new throw pillows. They are something I can customize, so if you would like some fun new throw covers, please contact me through my shop on Etsy.

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